Kid-Friendly ER at Medical City Children's Hospital

If your child is experiencing an emergency and you have the time to choose, go to a pediatric-ready ER for the most child-friendly care. The Medical City Children’s Hospital emergency room is designed to handle your child’s medical emergency in a nurturing environment.

We understand children and adults are different and have unique needs. Your child’s comfort is always at the forefront of our ER staff’s thoughts.

From colorful waiting rooms to highly effective pain management, you can trust our pediatric experts with your child’s care.

Boy holding a Teddy BearWhy choose our pediatric ER?

  • Low-dose diagnostic machines
  • Smaller needles
  • Separate storage for pediatric medications to ensure doses are correctly measured before being administered
  • Separate waiting area from adult emergency room
  • Colorful waiting areas designed to distract your child from their discomfort
  • Ouch-free treatment
  • Unmatched bedside manner to reassure your child

What is ouch-free treatment?

Unlike a normal emergency room, we put an emphasis on making sure your child doesn’t feel pain while they are undergoing treatment. For example, before administering shots or drawing blood, we use topical numbing agents to make sure your child doesn’t feel any pain. We use this and other techniques to limit the amount of discomfort and anxiety your child has to go through during their visit to our emergency room.

While a pediatric-ready ER is the safest choice when your child has an emergency, if you believe their condition is life-threatening, it is always better to call 911 and let emergency responders take your child to the closest emergency room.

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