Specialized Pediatric Care for Broken Bones

Jackson Daneke

When 7-year-old Jackson Daneke fell off a backyard play set and severely injured his arm, his mom, Amy, knew just where to take him. The newly opened pediatric emergency room at Medical City Frisco, just down the street from the family’s home.

Driving to the airport just a few days earlier, Amy had spotted the sign for the hospital’s new full-service pediatric ER. She called and was told to bring Jackson right in. It was a big weight off of her mind to know that she had expert pediatric care close to home.

She also had access to Medical City Children’s Hospital pediatric emergency care specialists. Not long after Jackson was admitted, a leading pediatric orthopedic surgeon from Medical City Children’s Hospital, Shyam Kishan, MD, arrived to perform surgery on his arm. Pediatric patients can also receive seamless admission to Medical City Children’s Hospital if inpatient care is required.

Now that his cast off and his arm is healed, Jackson is back to doing what he does best … being a kid.

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Daneke family